Hoyolab a Daily Check-in for Hoyoverse Game

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Genshin Impact, Honkai StarRail, Honkai Impact 3. You only need to run it once, then it will continue to run forever.




  • update new version from github automatic.
  • Claims checkin daily with chrome browser only.
  • Multiple chrome profiles for multiple game accounts.
  • command line hoyolab support all os.
  • Line Notify support after checkin.



  • Discord Notify support after checkin.



  • Genshin Impact claims support.
  • Honkai StarRail claims support.
  • Honkai Impact 3 claims support.


  • Zenless Zone Zero claims support.
  • docker container support.
  • support session with all browser.
  • install schedule task with windows-os automatic.

How to use

  1. Open chrome browser open https://www.hoyolab.com/home
  2. Login user genshin account for daily cliams.
  3. run hoyolab.exe.
  4. If found Error please craete issues in https://github.com/dvgamerr/go-hoyolab/issues
  5. If Notify message after CheckIn use LINE-Notify
  6. log in that and Generate token in below page after that copy token paste in hoyolab.yaml in notify.token at XXXXXX same image:


  1. If you don’t play some game add # in first char in line scope, e.g. i don;t play honkai impact



Solution If Turn On computer 24*7

  • use Task Scheduler and Create Basic Task
  • select Daily next time at 5 am.
  • after click Next select Start a program, Next and browse hoyolab.exe

Solution If starup computer

  • create shortcut from hoyolab.exe
  • copy shortcut to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

MaOcOS & Linux

  • use crontab for automatic run.


  • Have login to mihoyo’s website at chrome browser (A login for a year is enough)

If you need help You can join Discord.

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